Tom Holland is one of the biggest actors in Hollywood. However that doesn’t mean he’s not a mummy’s boy. Even spider man needs his mother to come to his rescue sometimes.

On Friday February 18th Tom had an interview with Entertainment Weekly. In the interview he shared a hilarious story about her mom Nikki Holland. He said his mom secretly called Marvel producers about giving him more pee breaks while filming Spider-Man: Homecoming.

“On the first movie I remember we were shooting this sequence on the stack on the Washington Monument. I was in the suit for days at a time, sort of 11 hours a day. I was young and wanted to impress the studio, and didn’t want them to think I needed bathroom breaks” Tom explained.

“I remember calling my mum up on our daily phone calls and I was like Mum I’m really struggling, I’m working every day and because I wear the suit I can’t go to the bathroom” he said. “And then two days later the producer came up to me and was like How are your kidneys?” he added. “And I was like My kidneys are fine why are you asking? and he was like Well your mum called us…”.

He ended with “Yeah so my mum called up the biggest studio in the world and was like Give my son more toilet breaks”. Since Homecoming Holland’s stardom has only gotten bigger. He recently starred in both Uncharted and Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Check out Holland’s appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan below.

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