Kanye West has 22 Grammy Awards under his belt, and he’s about to have a lot more cash on top of that. Ye is giving his fans another opportunity to hear his 11th studio album, Donda 2. This comes after the backlash over making them pay over $200 for his exclusive Stem Player. Kanye is gearing up for the release of his new album.

AMC Theatres announced Sunday that they’ll livestream the 44 year old rapper designer’s Donda Experience concert/listening party this Tuesday in IMAX theaters across 15 cities.

“Kanye is one of the most ambitious and groundbreaking artists of our time” IMAX Entertainment president Megan Colligan said in a statement DailyMail reports. “And we are grateful for the opportunity to again share his genius with his loyal fans across the country”.

Audiences will get to catch all of the action happening at Kanye’s first-ever performance of the record at LoanDepot Park in Miami. Miami also happened to be where West met actress Julia Fox, whom he split with this month after a whirlwind six week fling. Florida fans to shelled out between $95 and $1,100 for tickets.

The rapper previously announced that his upcoming album will not be released on any streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple or YouTube. Fans unable to make it to Miami or to one of the 15 other cities will be forced to stream Donda 2 on West’s Stem Player, which costs $214.50 total with shipping. The Atlanta born hip hop star claimed on Saturday, on a now deleted Instagram post, that he earned ‘$2,227,012.05’ in the first 24 hours the Yeezy tech gadget was on sale. 

The album would have had to stream 500 million times on Apple, Amazon, Spotify, or YouTube in order to earn the same amount Kanye boasted on social media. “We did more revenue on Stem Player, without the album even being out, than we would have done with the album being out on streaming” He said.

West has reportedly a grand total of $8.63M from selling 6,217 units since originally launching the Stem Player device on August 25.

Kanye is up for five trophies, including album of the year for Donda at the 64th Annual Grammy Awards, which air April 3 on CBS.

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