If appearing in the news highlights consistently was a sport, the Kardashians would be the LeBron James of it. They have been criticized for selling their old clothes to people and now Kourtney has added to the drama by urging people to buy the items.

Kourtney re-shared a photo from an Instagram account called Kardashian Kloset. The post urged fans to shop items the Poosh founder was selling. Kourtney built upon that on her Instagram Story by saying the following:

“I love how selling items from our closets extends the life of these pieces, lowering the footprint and keeps them out of landfills. I also love to donate and give to my friends, and save really special pieces for my daughter. I spread it all out!”

At the first glance, the whole concept of reselling their old clothes instead of discarding them would seem like much of a sustainable idea. Despite her making valid points about the Earth-consciousness of selling and donating clothes, she and her sisters have been slammed for it in the past. People pointed out the unrealistic price points at which they were selling the products.

In January, the KKW beauty mogul faced backlash for selling used clothes, and as was Khloe, after listing daughter True’s old clothes for hundreds of dollars on the site. A kid’s pair of used pink Gucci velcro tennis shoes were added to the page for $250. Khloe also listed her kid’s pair of Fendi jeans for $495.

Last month, the former Kim Kardashian announced on Instagram that she was adding items to her closet. She scrolled through several high-end goods, including a $700 robe. Fans were shocked to see the price tags, considering many of the items are used.

There have been numerous instances of the Kardashian-Jenners using the platform to list and sell used clothes for prices more than they would usually cost. This had really cost them a lot of bad PR and unnecessary backlashes.

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