Kanye West hasn’t been hesitant in airing his concerns and expressing his opinions this week. His daughter Chicago wearing lipstick and using filters, Corey Gamble being “godless,” and streaming services taking money from musicians are just a few of the challenges he’s had to deal with.

It’s no surprise that when TMZ decided to broadcast a late-night report about his recent exploits, he took advantage of the opportunity to shut it down as well. Kanye West has a ridiculously long list of foes. They range from cartoon characters for youngsters to entire months and even “the Devil himself.”

However, none of his adversaries in the real world can compare to TMZ. Kanye’s activities and beliefs have been heavily examined and mocked by the popular news publication for years. Over time, several aspects of his mental health were misinterpreted via their lens, altering the narrative on his conditions. He’s been laughing them off lately, though.

I been the most influential person in fashion since my heroes Ralph, Michael Jackson, and Puff. Nike been pushing the same old a– styles on y’all for years, but when someone is creative and influential, y’all call them weird. But I look good as f-ck, I’m rich as f-ck, I love God, and I’m having my way. It’s my world now. Love you guys for life. That piece was entertaining.

Kanye has been photographed with a new woman in recent weeks, following the Julia Fox situation. People immediately started comparing her to Kim Kardashian, citing similarities in her outfits and manner. TMZ aired a segment about these events, referring to this woman as “Kim 3.0” and claiming that she embraced Kim Kardashian’s style after she and Ye started dating.

Kanye finally rushed to Instagram to clarify the situation, sarcastically laughing at them. As DONDA 2 approaches, we’ll keep you informed on more Kanye West news.

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