Daniel Radcliffe is playing Weird Al Yankovic in a biopic about the parody song master. See the first photos of the Harry Potter star in character as the musician and pop culture icon. You’re going to be stupefied by Daniel Radcliffe’s recent transformation.

Radcliffe never had any trouble shaking off his Harry Potter image. He has played the J.K. Rowling wizard for a decade. Since then he also had embodied a range of very different characters in movies like The Woman in Black, Horns and Escape From Pretoria. He is now working in one of his newest projects which is currently filming is Weird The Al Yankovic Story.

The first set images of Radcliffe in full Weird Al mode have started appearing on social media. The Harry Potter alum was spotted dressed as Weird Al Yankovic complete with long curly wig and mustache on Thursday February 17th. This was one of Yankovic’s trademarks and something that gave him a look that people instantly recognized as his. Radcliffe certainly has the look mastered.

Roku announced in January that the actor had been cast as the now 62 year old Yankovic in Weird The Al Yankovic Story. The biographical film based on the life of the comical musician hasn’t yet been given a release date. The new photos are certainly going to put the movie on many people’s radars as one to watch out for.

Weird The Al Yankovic Story is co written by Yankovic, telling the story of his captivating and crazy life from his early days and through his rise to fame from the late 1970s. Yankovic is winner of five Grammy Awards and six platinum records. With his audiences still clearly growing, it is no wonder that now seems the right time to put his story on screen.

Biopics usually fall into good and bad categories and where the Weird Al Yankovic story will fall is yet to be seen.

See the first photos of Radcliffe as Yankovic below:

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