Cardi B and Candace Owens have frequently clashed over their political views. On the Full Send Podcast with YouTubers The Nelk Boys, Owens, a right-wing Fox News contributor, recently called Cardi B and Los Angeles Lakers basketball star LeBron James uneducated and ignorant

For days, the “WAP” rapper and political commentator have traded barbs. Cardi responded by accusing Owens of bringing a frivolous lawsuit against her for attacking her. To keep the dispute continuing, Owens told Cardi to stay quiet because it was Nicki Minaj’s turn in the spotlight on Sunday morning.

SILENCE. It’s Nicki Minaj week, clown.

Candace was referring to Nicki Minaj’s recent success with Lil Baby’s song “Do We Have A Problem?” When the Billboard and streaming figures for the song were released this weekend, it was revealed that Minaj had sold more units than the next seven hits combined. The Barbz were in full effect buying Nicki’s single.

Owens also went on the offensive against Cardi, writing on Instagram, “Avoid uneducated WAP at all costs this week, ladies and gentlemen.” While Owens seemed to enjoy Nicki Minaj’s female rap music, she does not feel the same way about Cardi B’s. Take a look at her most recent remark below.

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