The Terminator could have dominated beauty school, but he picked a different path. Arnold Schwarzenegger may not be the best barber, but he sure is cheap. He recently tried his hand at being a barber for son Patrick. The questionable results that came out of it had the father-son duo laughing.

Arnold Schwarzenegger hilariously turned himself into a makeshift hairdresser for son Patrick Schwarzenegger when he needed a cut on the fly. The video was shared on Patrick’s Instagram account on 19th February. In the video Arnold uses a pair of comically huge silver scissors to hilariously butcher Patrick’s haircut and the two had a laugh about it.

As far as Patrick was concerned, the ordeal was a win. The two had a good laugh about it. “Saved 50 bucks today” Patrick captioned the post.

In the hysterical clip Patrick filmed the big chop vlog style and wasn’t able to hide his reactions from laughter to straight up skepticism. Arnold stayed focused on his enormous clippers and the task at hand. Patrick tried to give viewers a closer look at the action as he chuckled, asking his dad “Let me see those scissors”. Hilariously, Arnold was so focused he didn’t even respond, making it clear to Patrick he’ll need to be patient while the magic happens.

Patrick is Arnold’s eldest son with his ex wife Maria Shriver. Although Arnold and Maria split in 2011 after Arnold’s affair with Mildred Patricia Baena and his resulting illegitimate son Joseph Baena came to light, they only finalized their divorce in December. Thrust into the spotlight from an early age Patrick has taken to it well and has built a successful modeling and acting career, even briefly dating Miley Cyrus from 2014 to 2015.

When it comes to great relationships Patrick and his dad seem to know them well.

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