Rudy Giuliani was once America’s Mayor. He’s now largely disgraced. He still has opinions and he’s been expressing them about the Super Bowl halftime show.

Giuliani has taken to his show to call some of the acts who performed at the Super Bowl halftime show. He told Eminem that he should find another country. He then directs his attention to Snoop Dogg.

At first while on 77 WABC Giuliani said “Let’s get right to Eminem taking a knee”. “Why doesn’t he go to another country? Go take a knee someplace else”. Giuliani then called out Snoop Dogg for his lyrics.

“It’s allowing Snoop ‘Kill Police’ Doggy Dogg to perform, in spite of the fact that just a few days ago, he put out a song, if that’s what he does,” said the former NYC mayor. He then continued saying “I don’t know what he does. To me it’s kind of like… Here’s a good thing”.

He goes on “He used the N-word and, I don’t even understand it. You know? Doesn’t have a big effect on me”. “The only way I knew the lyrics of the song kept using the N-word and encouraging people to kill police officers is because someone gave me the lyrics” he said. “I would not have been able to understand what he said. But, having said those words, he didn’t belong on that stage.”

We have yet to see how these superstars reacts to former mayor’s opinion.

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