Opulence aficionado and decadence dabbler Rick Ross is known to make big business moves. At this point he can firmly say “I’m Richer Than I’ve Ever Been”. His newest venture involves land, horses, and a brand spanking new cow.

Rick Ross made a boss move, he made one of his dreams come true. He cop’d his first cow. Ross shared the news on IG story and showed off his bull.

The hype in his voice was palpable. He built anticipation for what may be in the shipping vehicle seen nearby in the video. Standing in the middle of his privately-owned land, we see a vast amount of open space in the surrounding areas.

The driver of the aforementioned video walked to the back and proceeded to open the carriage. Nestled in the back corner of the truck was a black cow, much to Ross’ excitement and amazement. In the background, we hear one of Rick Ross’ associates comment “That n*gga happy as f*ck.”

Ross replied, expressing why the moment held so much gravity to him. “I’m happy than a motherf*cuker. This a dream come true for Rozay. You know what this is for a young boy from Carol City and now… a big boy added?”.

As the cow stepped foot into the spacious habitat, Ross exclaimed to the animal in joy and jubilation, “YEAHHH! That’s yours! Welcome to the promised land, baby! Welcome to the promised land”. Twitter found these developments hilarious, yet wholeheartedly inspirational.

One fan commented “YEEEEAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!” Man, a lot of hate on here just to hate… Listen to the sound in his voice, my man is just so proud!!! He’s worked for all his properties and shit, stay eating”. Another said “im so happy for both rick ross and this cow <3”.

Stay tuned for more updates on Rick Ross’ farm and Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Artoria Pendragon

Artoria is an appreciator and explorer of distinct culture and aim to get well known with every culture out there. He is also into Anime series, Movies , Light Novels , Musics. Has interest in Photography , Arts and field relating to Astronomy. Hunger for knowledge. Used to work as a part time photographer , Now working as full-fledged Cloud Developer and aim to become a Cloud Architect. His hobby is Gastronomy which includes both cooking and trying out food from various cuisines. And last but not the least : A Cat Enthusiast.

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