When it comes to being a businessman and an artist, Kanye West is regarded as a mastermind. Besides his business ability, ye is a perfect father too. Recently, Kanye West said, “These pics are too grown looking for my little girl” for the new photos of daughter Chicago surfaced on Instagram.

New images of Chicago have surfaced, much to her father’s chagrin, just weeks after a furious conversation between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West over their children’s presentation and internet safety.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have been arguing for nearly a week about their young children’s social media and internet usage. The topic of discussion was North West’s TikTok, which Kanye judged harmful for youngsters. Kim claimed that it was only a method of expressing herself and that Kanye was aiming to take away her independence.

Some fans thought this was hypocritical because Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick’s son Mason had raised similar concerns months before. Kim considered his issues as “mature,” even going so far as to imply that Kanye is “mature.”

“You are so protective over all of your cousins and family.”

Kanye West took to Instagram to voice his opinions when fresh selfies of Chicago West surfaced on the internet.

“These pics are too grown looking for my little girl.”

Perhaps very basic lipstick was seen in the photo. The usage of filters, as well as the fact that the photographs were posted in the first place, were the most noticeable features. These appeared to be his concerns from the start of the TikTok dialogue.

Kanye West expressed his care for his daughter. Kanye West has an overwhelming passion for his children. Do you believe he’s a perfect father who fulfills all of his responsibilities as a father? Stay tuned to Thirsty for more information.

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