Director Jeff Tremaine is worried that Johnny Knoxville will be unable to keep himself from performing dangerous stunts, but the actor is determined to prioritize his health. Knoxville and his colleagues have suffered major injuries as a result of Jackass throughout the years, but his doctors have advised him to ease up on the antics due to a brain hemorrhage.

In an interview with NME, Knoxville revealed that at this stage of his life, he has too much to lose. Jackass Forever proved that Knoxville and co. are still willing to put it all on the line for a few laughs—and a few million dollars—but in the interview, he explained it’s time to shun those.

I knew going into this movie that this was going to be the last time I was going to do big stunts because I’ve got kids and I’ve had so many injuries. I feel like I could go out good in this film by being my last with big stunts. I’ve got nothing left to prove in that area.

We backload my most dangerous stunts to the end of the film. So I had two or three more stunts left to do, big ones, but after that, I couldn’t. The doctor’s like, ‘No way, you can’t, you’ve had sixteen concussions, you’ve just had a terrible concussion, your brain is scrambled right now.’ And I was like, alright, so those got kicked to the side.

It’s a new season for Johnny Knoxville now that Jackass Forever is over. It’s unknown whether Jackass will continue with new cast members in the future, but Knoxville has stated that he will not be doing anything outlandish in the near future.

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