Comedian Bob Saget passed away in January 2022. The tragic incident left a void in the hearts of his family and fans alike. The death of comedic genius is still being mourned today.

However, Bob Saget cooked up one more surprise before leaving this world. The late actor and comedian appears in the music video for Desiigner’s new track “Bakin'” featuring Slushii and DJ Whoo Kid, playing a chef.

Whoo Kid told Rolling Stone, “We needed a chef for the video and I remember thinking, ‘Who the f### is gonna be the chef who can make it weird?’” He added, “Then immediately I thought ‘Bob Saget!” Kid revealed, nobody on set believed him when he said Bob would come until he actually drove up and rang the bell like this was a Full House episode.

“When you have rappers pull up for videos, they bring a Maybach, or rent a Lambo, they show off. He shows up and parks his Lexus on the grass and comes in looking like a dad.”

Saget is an unexpected fit in the hip-hop music video. Desiigner’s “Bakin” video was shot in mid-December. Saget passed away a few weeks later. The music video also features Snoop Dogg and Jay Pharoah.

Whoo Kid revealed to Rolling Stone that his team edited the video down to take out some of the edgier scenes, which they felt would’ve been in poor taste to include. He added, his family hasn’t seen the final product yet.

Meanwhile, You can watch his last acting role in Desiigner’s “Bakin” video below.

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