Elon Musk is slamming the world’s political leaders once again. Just a few weeks ago, the Tesla founder compared Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Adolf Hitler, calling him a “damp sock puppet.” Now, he’s gone north of the border, comparing Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Adolf Hitler.

Musk recently found himself in hot waters after posting a meme to his Twitter feed on Wednesday, February 16th, in response to another tweet. His tweet read, “Stop comparing me to Justin Trudeau, I had a budget” on top of a black and white photo of the late Nazi Germany leader.

Many people and organizations, including the American Jewish Committee, were offended by the connection. People believe Musk must find other ways to voice his displeasure against policies he doesn’t agree with.

Musk may believe posting a meme comparing Justin Trudeau to a genocidal dictator who exterminated millions is an appropriate way to criticize policies he disagrees with. It is not. It never is. Musk must apologize and find other ways to voice his displeasure.

Others have stated, “It disrespects the memory of all victims & hurts many people,” and “Unfollowed. Not funny.” Protests will be suppressed, arrests will be made, and their trucks will be seized under Trudeau’s emergency directives.

See more reactions to Elon Musk’s latest divisive post below, and let us know what you think of the father of seven comparing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to Adolf Hitler in the comments.

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