Dr. Dre delivered on his Super Bowl halftime show in a historic manner. As he is still celebrating his huge accomplishment, he has a lot more to celebrate as his 57th birthday is coming.

The legendary rapper apparently received a ‘Blowjob Token‘ back in the day. It seems that he is now in full mood to redeem it as his birthday is soon to come up. However, Diddy is all riled up because of it.

Dre took to Instagram in order to show his fans what his blowjob token actually looks like. The token featured a heart enclosed within up’s pair of lips, with the words ‘blowjob token‘ written on it. He wrote in the caption that he’s “feelin like a real rockstar right now.

I’m feelin like a real rockstar right now. I’m about to cash this token in for my birthday!! February 18: Age of Aquarius!

Fellow rappers and figures from hip hop such as Outkast’s Big Boi, Rapsody, Cypress Hill, The D.O.C. and The Egyptian Lover all Commented with a lot of cheer enthusiasm. Diddy himself came to the comment section, where he said “Let’s go Dre!!!!” with utmost excitement.

Dre has been single ever since he got divorced with Nicole Young. While he was rumored to be dating Omarion’s ex Apryl Jones, nothing is set in stone. The rapper’s luck is astounding, that at least on his 57th birthday, he would definitely have some quality company.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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