Scrubs dominated the 2000’s as America’s favorite medical comedy show. Many shows have gotten their due as far as reunions are concerned. It seems like Scrub’s next in the line.

People have proposed the show’s return many times. Zach Braff revealed Wednesday that the cast of Scrubs would all love to reunite. So its totally possible that we might see the Scrubs cast together soon.

Grammy winner Zach Braff mentioned that the cast want to reunite “in some capacity,” whether it’s a movie or a limited series or something but there are no current plans. “It’s just that we can’t do it without the king of all things Scrubs, Bill Lawrence,” Braff told THR.

Zach Braff commented on Bill Lawrence’s busy scheduled. Saying Lawrence has signed a big deal with Warner Bros and has no time for him. He later said, “But in all seriousness, if the thing was right, I’m sure there’s not a single cast member that wouldn’t love to come back together and do it in some form.”


The Last Kiss actor talked about all the fun he had with Scrubs co-star Donald Faison on their recent T-Mobile commercial. “It reminded us of making that Scrubs musical. I think I can speak for Donald and say that was one of the best times of our whole lives,’ Braff explained. Fans would love to see the best friends duo together again. Fingers crossed for Scrubs being back!

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Shifa Jahan

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