Kendall Jenner is no stranger when it comes to receiving a lot of attention. However, sometimes the attention a negative. This time Kendall’s company 818 Tequila is receiving the heat for allegedly ripping off 512 Tequila and getting her famous sister involved.

According to TMZ, 512 filed a lawsuit claiming that 818 Tequila copied its schtick by using an area code for its name. On top of that, 512 claims the color scheme on the 2 bottles is similar and is meant to confuse consumers. For what it’s worth 818 is the San Fernando Valley, and 512 is Austin.

Surprisingly, 512 zeroes in on Kim Kardashian in the lawsuit, claiming something shady happened when Kim’s app, “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” was promoting Kendall’s 818. Strangely for some reason, the 512 bottle was front-and-center on the in-game images. Although it’s unclear if this was intentional or a mistake, a mistake would be even worse as it validates 512’s claim that people are easily confused.

Fortunately, Kendall was not named as a defendant. However, the company is being sued. A company rep says, “We are reviewing the complaint and believe the allegations are without merit.”

As for 512, they want the judge to halt the production and sales of 818 as it’s presently constituted. They also want the profits the company made from the tequila. Not to mention, 512 was in the game first.

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Anushmitta Dutta

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