Kanye West’s Instagram meltdown continued into the mid-afternoon today. Ye has been making a series of posts targeting Pete Davidson as his efforts to win back Kim Kardashian through harassment have failed at every turn. Kardashian has said she is embarrassed by West’s behavior. Kim’s fans are even starting to fear for her life.

Kanye has been complaining about Pete Davidson making fun of him on Saturday Night Live. Ye believes that Pete’s jokes about mental illness are not funny. After several Instagram posts about Davidson, Kanye took to trashing the media.

Ye said “liberals” like TMZ and Saturday Night Live are part of a gang that is gaslighting and harassing him. Kanye called the outlets “Godless.” The lengthy rant says that the treatment is tantamount to slavery.

“Someone always telling you you’re crazy can drive someone crazy That’s the gaslighting That’s the harassment The liberals have tried to discredit me for 20 years Page 6 TMZ and SNL are a gang That gang has tried to bully harass control discredit minimize and patronize me for years They are Godless God got me and God got our family Jesus has already one the victory And for everyone praying for me and my family Faith without works is dead


Do something positive Say something publicly and positively while you still can Our first amendment is merging into the 13th amendment in front of our eyes meaning our freedom of speech is being challenged Because when you say something against the liberal agenda they gang up and say you’re challenged Y’all gone stop calling me crazy Let’s see if page 6 and TMZ print that I said that they are Godless.”

Kanye West’s continued attacks on Pete Davidson show few signs of stopping. Ye is hell-bent on winning Kim Kardashian back. Kim has no interest in such a thing. We will see how long Kanye can keep up with the attacks.

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