James Gunn, the creator of Peacemaker, recently announced that Peacemaker had been picked up for a second season. Gunn thanked the cast and crew as well as the fans who made the show a success. The tweet got 11,000 likes in less than an hour. It appears DC Extended Universe fans are very excited.

There might have been a lot of take away from the Peacemaker finale. Or perhaps we’ve just discovered that Peacemaker creator James Gunn can now get away with anything in the world of comic-book movies and television shows.

Gunn revealed this to Rolling Stone in a phone interview from the set of the third Guardians of the Galaxy film yesterday.

Yeah, they kind of let me do whatever I want.

James Gunn and John Cena have a wonderful friendship. Following the success of ‘The Suicide Squad,’ Gunn and Cena reunited in the ‘Peacemaker’ television series. Cena said how Gunn reminded him of McMahon.

Peacemaker is the first DC Extended Universe (DCEU) television series and a spin-off of the 2021 film The Suicide Squad. John Cena portrayed the title character in the series, reprising his role from The Suicide Squad. Peacemaker has now become the most best-reviewed entry in the DCEU canon.

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