Zoe Saldana began her career in science fiction films in 2009. She plays Gamora in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it appears that she will have to say goodbye to her character. Zoe recently stated that the Guardians of the Galaxy cast is extremely emotional as they film the final installment of the trilogy.

Zoe Saldana is getting ready to say farewell to her Guardians of the Galaxy character. She discussed filming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and reprising her role as Gamora for the final time in an interview with Empire.

“It’s bittersweet; after all those years of complaining about that green make-up, I find myself already nostalgic about it.”

“There’s a lot of melancholy here, but also pride that we’ve achieved something great. James Gunn has written a beautiful story that’s making us emotional even as we shoot it.” 

It hasn’t been easy filming during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Last month, Gunn announced that Vol. 3 would be the final instalment starring Saldana, Chris Pratt, and the rest of the cast as they are known to fans. “Omicron plays a doozy on us every other day, but we’re getting by and we’re happy. This is the end for us, the last time people will see this team of Guardians,” Gunn said on Deadline’s Hero Nation podcast about the third film.

Gunn, who directed the first two Marvel films, described the upcoming film as “big.”

“It’s so, so big and dark, and different from what people might be expecting it to be. I just want to be true to the characters, the story and give people the wrap-up that they deserve for the story.”

Gunn went on to say that wrapping up a story that fans have been following for years is difficult and it’s “always a little bit scary. I’m doing my best. I’m aware that the third film in most trilogies sucks,” he said before adding that was “not always” the case. 

Before Gunn’s Vol. 3, fans can see the Guardians in action in Taika Waititi’s Thor: Love and Thunder this summer and later this year in the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special on Disney+. The third installment of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, will be released in theatres in May 2023.

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