Chris Kattan may not be a cast in SNL anymore but he has made plenty of TV appearance. Recently, Kattan made an appearance in the reality show Celebrity Big Brother. Kattan’s short-lived appearance left fans wondering.

The comedian dazzled fans in dancing with the stars in 2017. However, he was the first celebrity dancer eliminated. In 2022, Kattan was announced as a HouseGuest competing on the third season of Celebrity Big Brother.

Viewers of the show knew that Kattan didn’t quite fit in but no one anticipate that he would dip so prematurely. On February 9, fans watching the live feeds of the show got to know from the houseguests’ conversations that comedian Chris Kattan had left the show. CBS waited to address Kattan’s absence until the February 11 episode.

Miesha Tate read a note from production to the other houseguests. The note announced that Kattan had decided to leave himself. He said goodbye to the other cast members with a video message.

Kattan told Heavy that “family issues” contributed to his decision to leave the game early. “My stepdad is very sick and I wanted to know how he was doing. They wouldn’t let me know because that’s part of the rules. You aren’t allowed to know and have contact with the outside world,” he said. In addition to this, Kattan said that he is not a competitive person, “I don’t like cliques and stuff like that. I just like having a great time,” he added. “I don’t like to speak behind people’s backs and I had no idea that’s what that show is so much about.” Given that those are all the things that Big Brother is actually about, Kattan made a good choice leaving.

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Shifa Jahan

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