Nick Cannon and pop icon Mariah Carey were married from 2008 to 2016. Although their romantic union didn’t last, their friendship and co-parenting relationship remains intact as they were gifted with two beautiful babies. However, it seems Nick now wants Mariah back.

On February 14, the Wild N’ Out mastermind shared the latest single from his forthcoming R&B mixtape, Raw ‘N B: The Explicit Tape. Titled Alone, the emotive track begins with a sample of Mariah Carey’s 1990 single Love Takes Time. The song definitely serves a heartfelt lyrics to Carey.

“As much as I want you back, it’s probably better where you at,” said the lyrics. “Probably better where you at ’cause I’m still running the streets/I’m still all in the sheets, having babies/Models and singers and actresses all sayin’ they’re pregnant by me/Have to pay $10,000 a week, I take of my peeps/Now you don’t worry about when I creep, you got a man next to you when you sleep.”

Cannon played coy about who was included on the mixtape. When asked if Carey was involved, he replied with a laugh, “You never know you might hear her on there as well.” However, he did admit there is some content on there that is dedicated to her.

The Drumline star also didn’t fail to mention how he benefited from his relationship with Mariah. “I learned so much from Mariah,” Cannon said. “She makes sure every one of her vocals are perfect. She makes sure every song is done to her satisfaction.”

Only time will tell if Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey will ever patch things up. In the meantime, Nick cannot help but talk about his admiration towards Mariah. Nick is in awe of the pop star and we can relate.

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