Chelsea Houska is no stranger to criticism from Teen Mom fans. She has gained a lot of negative feedback over her changing appearance. Houska gets occasionally slammed by fans for her T-shirt dress, hair extensions, fashion sense and appearance.

Teen Moms usually start their own little business ventures after gaining fame. Chelsea Houska DeBoer has her own lifestyle brand “Aubree Says” which also received negative feedback. But Chelsea’s appearance related roasts are getting too much to handle.

Most recently, one user published Chelsea’s Instagram story screenshots to kick off a Reddit discussion. Chelsea posted an ad to her distressed hoodie which became the subject of ridicule. The headline of the discussion read: Chelsea showing off newest line of basic ripped stuff that she’s paid to “love”

A Redditor said: “Me after leaving my hoodie on my desk chair and my cat mistakes it for a new toy.”

Another stated: “Ugh how is this company still in business? Who is buying this slave labor, dated, fast fashion?! 🛑👈”

A third person chimed in, saying: “I think its too more torn-ness, over the top on the amount of holes. Those BOOTS are so f-cking ugly though lmao.”

A commentator pointed out: “I don’t care that they are basic AF, some people like that, so, whatever. But I DO care that they are charging a boutique price for something that was made as cheaply as possible in what is more than likely a sweat shop. Would love to see some transparency from her about where and how they are made. I feel like if they were fair trade she would be pushing that as a marketing point.”

Houska went on with Cole DeBoer after her breakup with Lind. They married in October 2016 and are the parents of three children. The entire Reddit thread is attached with this article along with the Instagram stories from the discussion. Some of the top comments from the thread are also provided below.

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