Jenelle Evans never fails to stay in the spotlight. Redditors often drag her for her dance moves, teeth, search history and whatnot. Jenelle has surprised the audience this past month with her TikTok videos. Now she has decided to conquer the acting realm.

Teen Mom fans also roasted Evans for trying to get a gig on Euphoria.

Jenelle recently revealed that she has decided to become an actress. She seeks the support of her admirers for the newest venture but seems like fans are giving her a hard time instead. She also recently revealed that she is about to become a Twitch partner.

It seems like Jenelle is warming up for huge ventures this year. Just recently, one user published Jenelle’s comment section screenshot to kick off a Reddit discussion. Fans mercilessly roast her for being delusional and feeling so entitled that she can achieve anything in life.

The headline of the discussion read: She really is that delusional and entitled that she thinks she can just decide to become an actress 🙄

A Redditor said: “She’s been trying to act like she’s a good mom who has grown so much and no one is buying it, but sure, have your followers contact HBO and I’m sure they’ll put you on their hit show 😂”

Another stated: “Girl. You have zero charisma. You did sh-tty voice overs for years and sounded like the Tik tok robot voice everytime. Being a compulsive liar doesn’t make you an actress. Especially when nobody believes a word coming out of your mouth.”

A third person chimed in, saying: “She can’t even act excited about being a mother, not to mention her lackluster “influencer” persona. Monotonous Evans Eason.”

Another commentator pointed out: “If any casting directors need someone to stare soullessly in the distance while delivering lines in complete monotone, I have a recommendation for you.”

The Reddit thread is attached below with this article along with the comments section screenshot from the discussion. Some of the top comments from the thread are also provided below.

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