Moneybagg Yo has his fans perplexed after he showed off his tattoos. One of them was quite confusing for all.

Rappers and tattoos definitely go hand in hand but throw in a terrorist’s tattoo in the mix and things get quite uncomfortable for most people.

Moneybagg took to Instagram on Thursday and posted a few close-up shots of his body inked with tattoos. There are a few notable ones that are worth having a conversation about. It’s hard to tell exactly how many tats he’s collected over the years, but he’s covered from top to bottom.

On his right leg, just above the ankle, you can surprisingly find Bin Laden’s portrait. Of all the portraits in the world that Moneybagg could’ve got inked on himself, fans just can’t understand why he would pick Bin Laden. A few took to Twitter questioning his choice.

One wrote: “I’m trying to understand why Moneybagg has a tattoo of Osama bin Laden”. “Why tf does Moneybagg Yo have Osama Bin Laden tatted on him? Questions that need answers,” asked one. Another chimed in: “I wonder what inspired Moneybagg Yo to get a tattoo of Osama bin Laden on his leg”.

There we also other standout portraits of people inked on his body. He has one of Martin Luther King Jr. on his back with the word “CERTIFIED” written before it. Moneybagg later flocked to Twitter to ask people to “stay out my business.” as people speculated it would be about the tattoos.

This wasn’t the first time the MC showed off his ink as in 2020 he explained several of his tattoos. This time the context is different but the question remains the same as to why?

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Anirban Biswas

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