NSYNC member Chris Kirkpatrick was the third houseguest to get evicted from “Celebrity Big Brother” on February 11, 2022. Chris had had a tough time keeping up with CBB house. He also had a lot to say afterward.

Chris started the game in the ideal position early on when he entered the house as a game fan. He soon got recruited into Miesha Tate’s athlete alliance which she had formed with Lamar Odom and Todrick Hall. He got into the said alliance while keeping friendly relationships with everybody else. Moreover, he bonded with Shanna Moakler, and soon after becoming Head of Household, he targeted Mirai Nagasu, and the pair soon formed a plan to backdoor Todrick Hall.

Fast-forward to when Shanna won the power of Veto. Miesha started doubting the pair’s loyalty as Shanna used her power to save Carson. Eventually, leading to Chris getting evicted unanimously.

As reported by Heavy, Kirkpatrick said that even though he didn’t trust Todrick in the game, he never made any personal attacks on him.

“There was no point where I was like ‘this guy is a lowlife, he’s a rat, he’s a horrible human being,’ whereas he said those things to me and they were not warranted at all and that kinda sucks,” 

“he’s always the victim.”

“Todrick plays this game and kind of pushes people around but then the minute you try to push back he plays the victim and that’s really kind of dirty to me,” he added. “Yeah, he made it personal”

Kirkpatrick went on to add, “The way Todrick talks about me, I feel like I ran over one of his hairless cats or something,” which was in reference to what Todrick said about Chris on the live feed, “I’m making it my personal mission to just make sure I last in this house longer than he does. I’ve been bullied by so many people that look like him, remind me of him.”

Chris also added, “There’s fans of ‘Big Brother’ out there that I know enjoy watching it and I would rather shake things up and make the game fun than walk away with $250,000.”

Chris is well aware that this is the end for him on the reality game show, and he seems to be okay with that.

Bhupen Dange

Bhupen is a freelance writer for Ringside News and Thirsty For News; he is pursuing further studies in Computer Science. Since high school, he has actively participated in athletic activities, and when he is not playing video games, he spends his time in the gym training, watching movies, and walking his dog outside.

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