Mary J. Blige is set to perform alongside some of the greatest stars and hip hop, such as Eminem. The performance will take place at the Super Bowl halftime show this weekend, but Blige isn’t getting paid.

Blige is, however, not being paid for the gig at all. It seems that she is completely unbothered by it as she used Eminem’s own lyrics in order to explain why she is not upset about being unpaid for the performance.

MJB is not entirely concerned about the lack of payment. She explained on The Cruz Show that she’ll be receiving money for the rest of her life if she does this one performance right.

Listen, you gonna be paid for the rest of your life off of this. They don’t have to pay me. But if it was payin’ it would be a lot of money. But I’m good. This is the opportunity of a lifetime. Eminem says that in ‘Lose Yourself,’ this is the opportunity of a lifetime.

Artists usually don’t see any money coming from their performance at the Super Bowl. However, that exposure which they get from the performance helps them gain a lot more relevance that they previously did.

Mary J. Blige is also releasing her album very soon. The legend is currently at the top of her game and her new album, Good Morning Gorgeous, will release at midnight. This will be followed by her Super Bowl halftime performance, which will air this weekend.

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