Kevin Hart is one of the funniest actors and comedians around. If you think about his daughter learning her first class work at 17 months old only, it does not seem unbelievably far off at all.

Kaori Mai, Kevin Hart’s daughter, has recently started talking, as the 42-year old comedian recently revealed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. He revealed that his daughter already has a cuss word added to her newly found vocabulary, but DeGeneres reassured him that he’s a good parent.

She’s got a couple words she’s put together. First of all, dada. Dada was the first one even if it wasn’t, I would say it was. And s—. She said s— … I’m not celebrating it. I’m not saying it because I’m proud but yeah s— is a good one.

Kevin Hart, however, explained that even though she knows one cuss word, i’s not really that bad a case. He teased Ellen by saying that he feels judged by her for being a bad parent.

For me, I have a very foul mouth but it’s innocent, like, I’m not an aggressive curser. It’s not like offsetting. It’s light. So she hears me say that and she picked it up. Ellen, I feel like you’re judging me like I’m a bad parent. We’ve been spending a lot of time together and my baby’s picked up some bad habits. She’ll be okay, it’s fine.

Given ordered that the case of Kaori is still mild, referring to his daughter Heaven. Hart shares his daughter Kaori and son Kenzo Kash with wife Eniko Hart. He shares his son Hendrix and daughter Heaven with his ex-wife Torrei Hart.

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