The Dr Phil show is no stranger when it comes to being surrounded with controversies. The show is known for it’s abusive treatment programs and this time we get another confirmation. The Staffs are now opening up about their experience.

According to BuzzFeed News, a dozen current and former employees have come forward to say that their workplace fosters fear, intimidation, and racism. The guests, who are often brought onto the show when they’re already in a vulnerable state, are manipulated and treated unethically. Looks like the people who previously accused Dr. Phil weren’t wrong after all.

The employees were being screamed and cursed at over the smallest of details.“It was traumatizing. It was the worst hour of your life,” a former employee said. “There was full-blown yelling, calling people idiots, and slamming doors, and it would not be acceptable in any other job in any other business. Then after, everybody’s upset and everybody’s crying.”

“Everyone was just pretty miserable. You would walk into the building and there was just a palpable dread and anxiety,” one employee said. “Dr. Phil show about mental health where everybody who works on it has terrible mental health because our work conditions were really bad.”

Despite working on a TV show that claims to help improve people’s lives, the employees think that their mental health was damaged and disrupted at the expense of working for Phil McGraw.

Another former employee said the only brief reprieve they felt was during their summer hiatus from filming, but that all changed as they got ready to head back to work. “I would have nightmares. I would literally be working in my sleep and have nightmares about something being wrong or not turning in something the right way,” the former employee said. “Even when I quit, I had to go to therapy for it, which is crazy because you’re working for a therapist.”

In text messages reviewed by BuzzFeed News, employees also expressed concerns about booking guests with a history of mental illness and not feeling adequately prepared to work with them. One former employee said they were even instructed to make sure a guest on the show didn’t take her prescribed medication. Others said that they were encouraged to perpetuate racist stereotypes onscreen and some even experienced racism behind the scenes.

However, Attorneys for McGraw categorically denied every allegation made. They insisted that Dr. Phil in no way fosters racism, inappropriate interactions with guests, bullying and harassment, or any other unprofessional behavior. Only time will tell if the allegations are true. Obviously, there are those who wish he would stop this practice.

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