Kim Kardashian is no stranger when it comes to receiving a lot of attention from her fans. However, sometimes the attention is negative. The SKIMS founder was recently slammed by fans for her new overpriced SKIMS collection.

This all started after Kim dropped her SKIMS shimmer range on Wednesday. The drop consisted of long-sleeved and cami style bodysuits with a shiny texture in a range of nude colors. Kim described her new line by calling it a high shine style which helps you gleam all night.

However, her fans were not amazing and slammed Kim for the unflattering styles and high pricing. Naturally, they took to reddit to voice their opinion on the situation. “Sorry but I went on the website and it all looks so cheap but so overpriced?” one critic wrote on Reddit.

Another agreed by saying, “$108 for an ugly bodysuit? Come on.” A third wrote: “For real. Who is this flattering for? I’m a size 2 and this would still highlight and cling to EVERYTHING. I don’t want my clothes to show if I have a pimple on my butt.”

Kim has thrown herself into promoting her new range amid her turbulent relationship with ex Kanye West. The pair has hit one of the roughest patches of their divorce. From Kanye accusing Kardashian of kidnapping their children to Kim accusing Kanye of putting a hit out on her , things seems to be getting worse everyday.

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Anushmitta Dutta

Anushmitta is a Computer Science student who has a passion for becoming a famous creator. She loves to explore new domains and believes that her unstoppable passion is all the strength she needs. She doesn't believe in limitations hence she started working for Thirsty. Anushmitta is obsessed with anime and loves to express her emotions through dance. She is unstoppable when she starts jamming to "Hey there Delilah".

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