Katy Perry is setting the record straight that she is still engaged to be married. The “Roar” singer answered the topic that has been on her fans’ minds for months after she was pictured wearing a gold band on her finger during a virtual visit on Australia’s “Kyle and Jackie O Show.”

Perry put an end to all rumors by confirming that she and her fiancé Orlando Bloom have yet to tie the knot. Host Kyle Sandilands inquired if she and Orlando got married secretly or is she just dragging this out. He further asked if Katy is also not sure about it and wanted to know what’s going on there. Katy Perry clarified all the doubts at once.

Well, no. It’s a destination location…we’re still trying for it to work out. But every couple of months it’s like, new variant! New variant! New variant!

Although wedding arrangements may be difficult to make right now, the 37-year-old assured that after the pandemic is over, it will be time to celebrate. Katy also addressed the iconic photographs of her fiancé paddle boarding naked five years ago while on vacation in Sardinia.

Katy and Orlando started dating in 2016, however they broke up in February 2017. The couple resumed their romance just five months later and have been together ever since. They were engaged in 2019, and this Valentine’s Day will be the couple’s three-year anniversary of their engagement.

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