Kanye West’s relationship with Julia Fox took the internet by storm and now it’s garnering even bigger headlines. Julia Fox has been constantly smacked into controversy for dating the rap icon. She has been often compared to Kim Kardashian by critics. Recently, the Italian-American actress chose to address the comparison.

During an interview on the Call Her Daddy podcast this week, Julia admitted that being compared to her boyfriend’s ex is “unfortunate.” The actress noted there are a few similarities in their clothing choices but that’s just due to the influence from Kanye. She had nothing but praise for Kim.

‘Well, we’ve worn some similar looks which I knew at the time wearing it … But I thought it was cool she was wearing it, It is unfortunate because women are just always being pitted against each other.’ 

Julia further said on the podcast that there was no competition between her and Kim. She added, she doesn’t want to be responsible for putting a wedge between her boyfriend and his family.

“Obviously there’s 10 years of history that they have prior, and I don’t want to ever step out of line and speak on something that I have no place speaking on,”

However, Fox has certainly picked up some of Kim’s clothing choices. She has been spotted wearing outfits with striking similarity to Kim’s. Speaking on the subject Julia said the conversation should be, “wow it’s amazing to see how heavily influenced Kim was by Kanye,”

Meanwhile, you can check out a short clip of Julia’s interview as well as some of the similar outfits to Kim worn by Julia below.

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