Harry Dubin is a taken man. He has been spotted with Ramona Singer numerous times in Palm Beach, Fla. Despite that Real Housewives of New York Casanova confirms to PageSix that he has a “serious girlfriend”.

“I have a serious girlfriend,” he says. “I have seen Ramona, Palm Beach is small”. When pressed for her identity, 51-year-old Dubin told that he’s dating a Turkish designer named Ajda Soap.

Upon hearing what was clearly an alias, Page Six figured out he’s actually seeing a woman named Ajda Sabuncu. Ajda Soap is her Instagram handle. Sabuncu runs Bodrum Beads, which is a website where customers can purchase Evil Eye phone beads handcrafted with love.

Photos obtained by Instagram account Bravo and Cocktails this week showed the Ramona coaster hanging out with Dubin in Palm Beach on numerous occasions. They are seen once dining together and another lounging on the beach. When asked, the singer first denied ever seeing Dubin but then fessed up.

The singer, 65, told Page Six on Tuesday “I don’t want anything about Harry written about me”.  “Harry has a girlfriend. I have been in his company with her and friends”. When specifically asked about being the “woman in the hat,” Singer replied, “Oh today Lol. He has a girlfriend.” Singer later shared a photo of herself on Instagram in which the swimsuit matches the sightings photo.

It is not first time for them to be on the spotlight. She and Dubin broke the internet in 2018 when photos of them making out went viral on the internet.

Although at that time Dubin also maintained he wasn’t dating the Singer.

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