Nate Hobbs may have just received a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. After a win over the Indianapolis Colts last month, the Las Vegas Raiders defensive back was arrested for driving under the influence. Nate Hobbs pleaded with a cop not to arrest him during a traffic stop.

A Nevada State Police officer was enraged with Hobbs on Jan. 16 in the Las Vegas region, according to TMZ Sports. The cop stated that he saw Hobbs driving 110 mph in a 65 mph zone. During a speeding stop last month, Raiders star rookie Nate Hobbs begged an officer not to arrest him.

“I’ve already been arrested two weeks ago!”

The cop were chastising Hobbs after removing him from his Mercedes, claiming that the Raiders cornerback was endangering everyone by driving recklessly. Hobbs attempted to explain that he was in a rush to get to a football meeting on time. The cop was not amused.

“Why would you put yourself and everybody else out here on the roadway in extreme danger because you’re going to a meeting? Explain that to me.”

The officer retorted when Hobbs apologized and implied it was a mistake.

“Over 110 miles an hour? No signaling, cutting cars off, that’s an honest mistake? No, that’s a poor choice.”

The cop then threatened to arrest Hobbs, prompting the Las Vegas player to implore him to reconsider his decision. Hobbs, who had been arrested for DUI on Jan. 3 in Vegas, requested the cops not to arrest him.

“I’ve already been arrested two weeks ago! I cannot be arrested again, sir. Please. I’m begging you. I swear, I’m begging you.”

So, cops decided not to arrest Hobbs. Instead, Hobbs was issued a citation, his car was towed, and he was permitted to leave. For further updates stay tuned to Thirsty.

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Muskan Sharma

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