Gunna, the Atlanta-based rapper, will be known as “Pushin P” until the end of time. The DS4EVER rapper made sure of it this week by getting a “P” emoji tattooed on his bicep, which will serve as a constant reminder of his smash song with Future and Young Thug.

The trend has calmed down a little, but for a few weeks, all we saw on social media was the “P” emoji as hip-hop fans, and brands aplenty, began to notice Gunna’s viral issue. The emoji, which means “keep it playa,” was utilized by everyone from Kim Kardashian to Nike.

I got a Bad B*tch n my PH RightNow ! She Got on a 🅿️ucci Gown Ready to get Pipe Down 🐍💙 !

It soon felt as though the entire world was attempting to persuade them that they were “P.” Gunna opted to get a new tattoo of the “P” emoji, which is normally used to express “parking” on Apple devices.

To celebrate his viral moment at the beginning of 2022, he took us behind the scenes and showed off his clothing, as well as the new “P” on his arm. Wunna’s forearm can be seen flooded with blue and white ink, making the tattoo stand out.

Some fans can’t get over Gunna’s “P”, but there may be some who are getting sick of the “P” emoji. Take a look at his new tattoo below.

What are your thoughts on Gunna’s new ink? Sound off in the comments!

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