Chris Brown is speculated to have welcomed his third child, a daughter with influencer Diamond Brown. Diamond’s daughter Lovely, who turned one month old last week, is not his, according to the singer.

Fans suspected that Diamond was carrying Chris’ baby after the two were linked romantically a few years back. The mystery is clearly unravelling after he “liked” new photographs of tiny Lovely, with some fans believing this is confirmation that he is the baby’s father.

And now that we’ve seen the first photos of Lovely, some people are questioning whether Chris is the father of Diamond’s child, alleging that Lovely has no resemblance to Chris.

“The Chris genes don’t appear to be very strong on this one,” one reviewer said. “That infant doesn’t look like him,” someone else said, and over 400 others agreed.

Lovely Symphani Brown was born in the middle of Capricorn season at the beginning of this year. Despite neither Diamond nor Chris acknowledging that Chris is the father, fans have flooded their comments with congratulations.

Lovely bears a great likeness to her mother, Diamond, and bears no resemblance to Chris, as do his twins Royalty and Aeko. People are now asking if he is the biological father or if this is just a hearsay.

Fans aren’t as convinced as they were a few weeks ago, despite Chris “liking” photographs on Diamond’s Lovely page. Keep an eye on Thirsty for News for more updates on this one.

What do you think? Is this Chris’ baby? Sound off in the comments!

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