Tyreek Hill had a fantastic weekend. The 27-year-old Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver is having a great time in Las Vegas for the Pro Bowl. He not only competed in the NFL Skills Challenge on Thursday, but he also spent Sunday evening seeing the city before the game.

Hill stopped by the NHL All-Star game on Saturday as part of his visit of Sin City. Laura Rutledge went over to have an interview with him when ESPN found him in the arena. There were two viral moments as a result of it.

He began by addressing Usain Bolt and challenging him to a race. After his on-air comments, Bolt ended up placing Hill in a body bag on Twitter. Hill attempted the beer smash made famous by ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin after yelling at the former world’s fastest man.

Hill, on the other hand, failed badly. The idea is to drink two beers at once, but Hill didn’t drink any at all and ended up drenched. Except for one or two droplets of Bud heavy, which flowed out of the bottle and onto Hill’s face, neck, and body. Certainly not into his mouth.

Hill’s NHL All-Star Game debut on television did not go as planned. Bolt put him in a body bag on Twitter, doused him completely with beer, and he didn’t even get a taste.

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Gunjan Nath

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