Super Bowl LVI Is here and it attracts both sports fans and sports bettors alike. The Super Bowl is largely desirable for sports bettors, as there are so many things you can choose from to make a bet on.

Both first timers and veterans can make their bets as there are things that many people always fed on. There are many sort of absurd pets as well, such as how long will the national anthem be, how many touchdowns a certain NFL player might throw, or what kind of Gatorade will be dumped on the coach at the final whistle.

BetMGM offers many profits and it projects to have eight figures and handle on the Super Bowl. As sports bettors like to bet on the most ridiculous of things, there are to no one’s surprise, hundreds of prop bets.

Bettors often take their pick out of these prop bets, which is always interesting to see. Some of these sports bets range from actual guesses for important things to the most ridiculous things ever.

The most famous bet from BetMGM is “Which player will score the first touchdown in the game?” Other bets catching traction include the bet for the Super Bowl MVP, which player will score a touchdown within the game and the method of victory by the winning team.

  • Which player will score the first touchdown in the game?
  • Super Bowl MVP
  • Which player will score a touchdown in the game?
  • Winning margin, includes overtime.
  • Method of victory.
  • Half-time/Full-time points excluding overtime.
  • What will the first scoring play be?
  • Wincast.
  • Money line and total points.
  • Which player will score the last touchdown in the game?
  • Spread and total points.
  • Los Angles Rams – First TD scorer.
  • Which player will score two or more touchdowns in the game?
  • What will be the outcome of the opening kickoff?
  • How many receiving yards will Cooper Kupp record?
  • Cincinnati Bengals – First TD scorer.
  • First half spread.
  • Color of Gatorade bath (voided if it does not occur).
  • Will the game go into overtime?
  • Position of Super Bowl MVP winner.
  • How many rushing yards will Cam Akers record?
  • What will be the outcome of the coin toss?
  • How many rushing yards will Joe Burrow record?
  • First half totals.
  • Anytime touchdown scorer/match winner double.

We’ll have to see who wins the big game when the time comes. Keep checking back with Thirsty for all the news leading to gameday.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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