Katharine McPhee joined Stacey Abrams’ critics in blasting her for posing without a mask with a group of school children. There was a strict mandate in that place but Stacey didn’t bother to wear a mask.

Stacey Abrams is currently campaigning to be the next governor of Georgia. McPhee took to her Instagram story over this weekend to jump in the critic bandwagon. She shared the now-viral image of Abrams.

What the actual hell… politicians at their finest. Mask up the children and you yourself sit without a mask. The hypocrisy continues. I’m sure she will say… ‘but I had my mask in my hand!’

Abrams can be seen smiling without a mask while sitting on the ground with a classroom full of children. Moreover, all the children present there were wearing masks.

Abrams, on the other hand, had previously reacted to the reaction the photo had sparked after Georgia Governor Brian Kemp joined several other conservatives in attacking the candidate over the photo.

Abrams visited the school this week to kick off the third annual African American read-in and meet with kids and instructors. Dr. Holly Brookins, the principal, turned to Twitter following the visit to publish four photos, which have since been deleted, on her account.

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