Howard Stern started rising to popularity in the late 90s when his radio show The Howard Stern show gained wide recognition. It was nationally syndicated on terrestrial radio from WXRK in New York City, between 1986 and 2005.

During this time, the show had 20 million listeners at its peak. The radio shock jock Howard Stern performed in a 1993 sketch where he repeatedly used the N-word in blackface. Celebrities nowadays seem to have been wrapped around controversies, thanks to social media reactions.

The said highlight of Stern’s 1993 pay-per-view New Year’s Eve special has resurfaced on social media again and Twitter isn’t taking it lightly this time. It was first resurfaced back in June 2020. “I cringe when I look at myself 30 and 40 years ago … and that was 27 years ago,” Howard Stern said on his SiriusXM show when he addressed the said clip.

However, Twitter users are not happy that Joe Rogan was censored, and the radio host gets the pass. “Howard Stern said N*gger multiple times. If you go after Joe Rogan, you must go after Howard Stern also.Those are your rules…” said one twitter user

Next one adds wondering how Stern has not been canceled yet, “Remember that time Howard Stern went on a tirade against Wendy Williams, calling her a “c*nt” multiple times, transgender, bug-eyed, a cow & also often used the n-word, blackface…but he still ain’t canceled? Wonder why?”

“If the woke mob is so offended by what Joe Rogan said in the past… just wait until they discover Howard Stern.” SiriusXM personality Tim Young tweeted.

This situation has gotten quite messy amid all these controversies regarding censorship and freedom of expression. Celebrities often end up paying for their actions in the past by getting canceled by the cancel culture.

You can watch the controversial video of the topic below.

Bhupen Dange

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