Joe Rogan took a week-long absence from his podcast at Spotify recently. The comedian was in hot water because of accusations that he openly welcomed false public health information on his show. A group of doctors penned a letter asking Spotify to take action. Several famous musicians pulled their music from the platform.

After the backlash, Rogan issued an apology. The controversial talking head said he would try to offer more balanced viewpoints on his show in the future. Joe also addressed the campaign against him on his first show back.

It didn’t take long for Joe Rogan to immediately delve back into controversy. Rogan said he didn’t have much else to say beyond what he said in the video he released. Shortly after, he was back on the subject of COVID-19.

“What happens after 10? They’re shutting down restaurants and bars in parts of Canada where they are already barely staying open, they were already barely alive.

It’s been pretty clear up until this point that all these lockdowns don’t work. They don’t stop the spread.”

Spotify continues to stand by Joe Rogan. Thus far, not much about his content has changed. Time will tell if the misinformation continues.

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Michael Perry

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