Wiz Khalifa might be one of the best rappers out there but his smoking skills aren’t shabby either. Earlier Styles P challenged multiple people for a weed smoking competition and now Wiz has responded to it.

Last month Styles P threw down the gauntlet and proposed a “Smokers Olympics”. He called on personalities like Snoop, Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, Redman, Method Man, Cypress Hill’s B-Real, Smoke DZA, and Berner. He wanted to settle the debate once and for all as to who has the iron lungs.

Now, Wiz Khalifa took to his Instagram Stories on February 2 to respond to Styles P’s offer. Wiz flattered all the artists involved in this by saying he has got love for all of them. He respected everyone before throwing a cheeky line at Styles P which made the fans laugh.

“Hey Ghost, I hear you talking about a smoke-off. I love the thought of it, It’s all love, too, because I respect my OGs, everybody who raised me. I smoke and listen to all of y’all’s music. My motto is: if you can’t smoke weed to it, I don’t wanna listen to it, so you on that list. I love you. But the n***** you named — Snoop is your old head, Curren$y is your young n****, I’m Curren$y’s young n*****, so you know what the young n***** do. We gonna bring some shit that’s gonna fold you like a chair.”

Wiz then displayed his bong-ripping dominance by taking a hit from his rotating gravity bong. He insisted Styles on getting a G bong as he thinks this will test his mettle the best. The thought of such a smoke off interested Wiz and he found it very doable.

Styles P is confident he’ll be the last man smoking if the idea of such a competition goes through. Styles said there will be no retreat, no surrender, and no mercy for nobody until one man emerges as a winner. “I guarantee to come home with the gold” is what he claimed in his post.

There are a lot of OGs included in the whole event and Styles’ thought of beating them in a smoking battle might be a very tough affair. Nevertheless, the fans would be very delighted and excited at the thought of such a competition involving such A-list artists.

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Anirban Biswas

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