50 Cent visited the Drew Barrymore Show again. It resulted in them recording a new video message for Marshall. Last time he received one back in October, 2021.

The previous visit revealed that Drew Barrymore was a huge fan of Eminem. She was happy to record a video for Eminem on Fifty’s phone. Months later, it looks like Drew has fallen into the habit of reaching out to Slim.

Fifty came to promote his current TV drama “Power”. He was there with one of the leads Joseph Sikora. In the video Joseph calls himself Fifty’s second favourite white boy, alluding to 50 Cent’s friendship with Eminem.

Drew said “The last time Curtis was here, we made a video for Eminem and sent it to him”. She Continued “I was wondering if maybe we could keep the tradition alive and the three of us could send a video to him today. In honour of Eminem, I’ve also got Mom’s Spaghetti. Are you guys ready to make a video for Eminem?”.

“It’s me, on the Drew Barrymore show” 50 Cent added. “Eating spaghetti on the Drew Barrymore show. I remind you, you owe me big time”. Drew Barrymore and Joseph Sikora also added their line following 50 Cent.

Well, that was quite an extensive TV advert for Em’s pasta brand. However, it looks like now Drew is in touch with Marshall and certainly expects a meeting in the near future.

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