Chad Johnson made a name for himself playing as a wide receiver in football. It seems he is truly living up to his name judging by his most recent claims. He also competed in a boxing match recently and his routine before that is a shocking one.

While speaking on Brandon Marshall’s “I Am Athlete” show, the 44-year-old revealed that he had sex 3-5 times before his boxing match against Brian Maxwell on June 21st last year at Hard Rock Stadium.

“We did three times, maybe four to five times in three-minute intervals,”

Ochocinco stated that he had pent-up nervousness after arriving at the venue. That is why he decided to do the most common thing in relationships, in quick succession.

Normally, athletes, especially boxers, do not have sex for a very long time, and even months, leading up to their fights. This is because many people believe it severely hampers athletic performance. What Johnson did has never been heard of at all.

“Matter of fact, I had to be at the stadium at Hard Rock,” Chad said. “I think I fought at 8 o’clock. I needed to get that out of my system to relax me.

And it put me in a sense of, a state of calmness going into war. That’s fighting. I’m out of my element stepping in a ring with someone that fights for a living.

Getting that up out of me was the best thing to do for me,” Johnson said, prompting an amused Brandon (who’s been boxing for years) to make sure he heard Chad right, asking …  “You had sex the day of the fight?

That’s why your ass got tired in four rounds.”

The match was an exhibition match and so no points were awarded at the end. Regardless, Chad Johnson might have gotten more fans after revealing his pre-fight activities

Subhojeet Mukherjee

Subhojeet has been a massive fan of professional wrestling for over 22 years, since the early days of the Monday Night Wars. Aside from wrestling, he also is into TV shows, movies, Anime, novels and a lot of music.

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