Jackass stars Steve-O and Chris Pontius have revealed the stunts they would never do again. Chris admitted that one of his was the “worst experience” of his life, while Steve recalled having skin graft surgery. The celebrities are to blame for a ‘Jackass’-style water stunt that left a man with a busted up head and a ruined life.

According to TMZ, the man who claimed to have been injured filed a lawsuit against them. Michael Vicens-Segura revealed that he was approached by them in 2018 to see if they could use his jet ski for a project they were filming in Puerto Rico. Vicens-Segura insisted that the guys wanted to use it for a ‘Jackass’-style stunt in which two guys are in the water on jet skis, facing opposite directions and connected by a bungee cord, to see who would get yanked off first as they sped away.

It was essentially a jet ski tug of war, and Vicens-Segura claimed that the ‘Jackass’ crew had done something similar in the past, in their film, no less. It was known as the BMX Tug of War.

According to the lawsuit, which was obtained by TMZ from attorney John Phillips, Vicens-Segura was asked to hold one of the jet skis steady in the water because of the waves that day. He claimed that as Steve-O and Chris accelerated, Steve’s bungee cord snapped off the harness attached to his back and then flung in his direction and landed hard on the side of his head, resulting in a massive gash.

According to Vicens-Segura, he had to be helicoptered to a hospital for emergency surgery and was even placed in a medically induced coma due to a fractured skull and brain bleeding, among other things.

Vicens-Segura claimed that after several medical procedures, he was left in bad shape as he recovered with some pretty gnarly scars. He stated that he has lost his ability to work, to think clearly and that he is still in pain, suffering, and agony as a result of what happened to him.

He’s blaming Steve-O, Chris, and others for everything, suing them for negligence and the alleged incident. He is seeking more than $12 million in damages from the court. The announcement comes just a few days before the release of “Jackass Forever.” To get the latest updates, keep an eye on Thirsty.

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