New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft was reportedly so pissed after not being a part of Tom Brady’s retirement letter that he decided to throw a fit. Former Patriots linebacker Ted Johnson reports that Kraft wasn’t the only name the NFL legend left in omission.

Tom Brady even left out Bill Belichick as well as other Patriots from his note. However, Robert Kraft felt it to be extremely inappropriate that Brady left out his team, which led to a fit being thrown by him.

Ted Johnson took to Twitter in order to let the fans know about the temper tantrum that Brady’s letter had led to. Johnson told his followers that the day was unpleasant down at the Foxboro executive offices.

I was told earlier tonight, you guys, that Robert Kraft, it was an unpleasant day today at the executive offices in Foxboro. And that Robert Kraft, when he initially first heard the news, was very upset. And he was screaming and he was yelling. And then there was a significant temper tantrum that he threw after he read this IG post.


Tom Brady pretty much acknowledged everyone else who were a part of his career other than the Patriots. Antowain Smith, who was a former teammate to both Brady and Johnson, revealed to TMZ Sports that he believes Brady’s omission was not intentional.

Brady eventually dedicated a separate post to the Patriots, thanking both the team and their immense fanbase. This came after Robert Kraft released a statement on Brady’s retirement. Brady is departing from the Patriots after playing with the team for 20 seasons, and having won 6 Super Bowls within that time.

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