Nicki Minaj might come out as a person who would write and perform any song with explicit lyrics but that’s not how it is. The rap goddess actually turned down a Gunna collab after she found the lyrics to be a bit too much for her liking.

In a new interview with The Dana Cortez Show, Nicki Minaj revealed the Atlanta rapper wanted her to appear on “P Power”. She sat with the song for months before ultimately turning it down. Nicki told that she wasn’t in the right mind state to record her verse for the explicit track.

Nicki has changed a lot after becoming a mother and that could be very well reflected in her choice of projects. The Gunna track was meant to be a part of his ‘DS4EVER’ album but Minaj had second thoughts about the track. Nicki explained the “moaning and groaning” in the beat made her feel uncomfortable to work on.

“Gunna came to my studio months ago and he asked me to get on his song ‘Pussy Power,’ I heard the beat and I went [crazy]. I was like, ‘This beat is outta here!’ No lie, I sat with the song for months and months and couldn’t bring myself to write to the record. It was like the moaning and the groaning on the track … I knew in order to get on a track like that I would have to be explicit and, in my opinion, I would have to really kill it and talk that real talk. And I wasn’t ready, I just wasn’t there.”

Nicki’s newfound approach to music has also influenced her own output as an artist. She earlier rejected a song on Young Money Queen revealing her label’s wishes to release a sexually explicit single while she was pregnant with her son. Despite Minaj’s no-show, “P Power” still received an A-list assist from her Young Money cohort, Drake.

Gunna’s DS4Ever arrived on January 7 boasting appearances from the likes of Drake, Future, Lil Baby, 21 Savage, and Chloe Bailey. It was filled with A-lister tracks that boosted the credibility of the album and Gunna as an artist. The album beat out The Weeknd’s Dawn FM for the top spot on the Billboard 200.

Nicki has embraced being a mom and has displayed different priorities as Papa Bear is taking the top spot on that list. While giving us a hint at her new project she told us that she will be on a new female artist’s track. We will be looking forward to such a project as we witness a new era of Nicki Minaj.

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