The Los Angeles Lakers did not have a good season despite having an huge star cast. Even with LeBron James at the helm, the Lakers were not guaranteed a winning season.

LeBron James was among the Lakers players who suffered pretty hard hitting injuries. These injuries also affected the performance of the entire team in the matches, with several members staying out of the court altogether. It comes no surprise that certain members of the team might be looking to jump ship.

Charles Oakley has claimed via SiriusXM NBA Radio that LeBron James does not consider the Lakers as a viable team. The former New York Knicks All-Star says that LeBron wants to be with a team that can afford him a couple of NBA Championships before retiring.

You know LeBron, his legacy right now is he definitely wants to win a championship before he retires. He might leave LA to get it. I don’t know if it will be Cleveland, could be somewhere else. He left twice. He’ll leave again.


Oakley added that there is hope for the Los Angeles Lakers. The team could definitely get their act together for the playoffs. He noted that the biggest challenge is its players giving out their best performance while making sure that they are healthy.

James leaving the Lakers is not that far out, considering how he has previously left Cleveland for Miami. After his attempt to get a ring, he helped with Cavs win a ring, and then went to LA to win a ring again. It’s the typical LeBron James move, and one he would likely use to solidify his legacy as well.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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