Farrah Abraham has been on the news lately for all the wrong reasons. Her arrest from a nightclub was an utter shock but now she has decided to move out of her CA home. Sadly no matter how much she runs, she can’t run away from the charges.

Abraham spoke to TMZ on Saturday in Hollywood while she was reportedly packing her things into a U-Haul. She is leaving the state entirely because she is upset over the arrest and the physical altercation that took place. Farrah has a court date set for May 19, but she has no plans to stay in Los Angeles until then.

Farrah got to start as a 17-year-old on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant before moving on to its spin-off program. Before even being a reality star, Farrah was known for having a tough relationship with her parents Debra and Michael. Debra even caught a charge for assault against her daughter in 2010.

All of the aforementioned things prove quite a point of her being a controversial character. The reality star also reportedly claimed that she has lost body function on her upper right side due to the altercation. She currently fears going out in public due to the trauma she experienced from the event.

Farrah’s personal problems have left a mark on her former castmates on Teen Mom. Although Farrah has managed to stay in the headlines over the years with her unpredictable actions, much of the cast and crew were happy to have her back in the reunion show. She, however, certainly won’t be returning to Teen Mom anytime soon.

Farrah Abrahams just keeps setting up new levels of low in her life and starts breaking the fans’ expectations. Her personality has caused immense discomfort and harm to people around her and it’s high time for her to recognize that.

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Anirban Biswas

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