Gunna’s ascension to the top of the Billboard chart has prompted his contemporaries to retool in preparation for their own taste of chart dominance. After a spectacular series of features in 2021, 21 Savage, who appears on the DS4EVER single “thought I was playing,” said it was time to get back into album mode.

With bitcoin becoming more popular than ever, it appears like every artist is attempting to participate. Crypto, on the other hand, can be a pretty dodgy thing at times because there are currently no laws in place. Because crypto isn’t seen as a form of security, anyone can get away with anything, for better or worse.

A perfect example of this occurred just a few days ago, when Gunna took to Twitter to announce a new crypto project dubbed “pushinpeth” that he has been working on. This is, in essence, a coin based on his now-famous song “Pushin P.” However, as you can see from the screenshot below, his tweet was quickly deleted, and we now know why.

The cryptocurrency underwent a classic rug pull, according to a Reddit post from u/naji102, just hours after being mentioned on Twitter. Fans who tried to invest in the currency lost a lot of money because the coin’s value dropped to practically zero.

This is the kind of dodgy crypto fraud that many people have been warned about in the past, and “pushinpeth” appears to have followed the same trading path as many other coins before it. What makes this even more intriguing is that YNW Melly tweeted a tweet about this cryptocurrency, and, like Gunna, predicted that it will travel to the moon. The rocket ship had to tumble out of orbit somewhere along the road.

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