Kim Kardashian is no stranger when it comes to receiving a lot of attention from her fans. However, sometimes the attention is negative. The SKIMS founder was recently slammed by fans for her social media post where she refused to eat although she was hungry.

This all started after Kim posted an Instagram story, telling her followers that she wouldn’t eat despite being hungry as her resting heart rate will increase if she does so. Naturally, the story garnered quite a bit of commentary from unpleased viewers. Critics weren’t happy with the model’s admission, as they claimed she’s encouraging eating disorders.

“I can’t sleep and I’m hungry but I know that my resting heart rate will be so high if I eat before bed, wrote the reality star. “That and with my cold made me have the lowest readiness score on my @oarring. Needless to say, fans immediately took to Reddit to voice their opinion about the situation.

“I don’t get it, eating will increase your resting heart rate? & really?? It’s not like your an athlete Kim, that shouldn’t even matter,” wrote one user. While a second person questioned her theory commenting, “Makes zero sense. Eating makes me tired. Always.” A third person agreed replying: “This is just a terrible way to advertise an app”


On the contrary, few fans defended the reality star. “Nowadays it’s more popular to throw around words you don’t fully understand such as eating disorder, body-shaming, fatphobia, and bad role model whenever you can. Nothing crazy about Kim’s post at all” wrote one fan. While another user backed up the star by saying “I mean I get your point but there is so much evidence that it’s not good to eat right before you sleep.” As for Kim, she is unbothered and thriving.

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Anushmitta Dutta

Anushmitta is a Computer Science student who has a passion for becoming a famous creator. She loves to explore new domains and believes that her unstoppable passion is all the strength she needs. She doesn't believe in limitations hence she started working for Thirsty. Anushmitta is obsessed with anime and loves to express her emotions through dance. She is unstoppable when she starts jamming to "Hey there Delilah".

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